Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Importance of Cash Buyers.

Cash Buyers are the life blood for the Real Estate Industry. One thing a Cash Buyer constantly aims for is to secure a good deal, typically priced below market value. For properties which need to sell and close quickly, Cash Buyers offer the solution.
  • Quicker Closing Most Cash Buyers are seasoned investors with many transactions to their credit. This means they are adept at the process and typically can close faster than traditional buyers. They often know how to determine the value of an opportunity and do not need to rely on external parties for valuations, estimates or opinions to make a decision.The likelihood of a transaction falling through with a Cash Buyer is lower as well. Not only do they not need to wait for lender financing, but they also are not subject to lender qualifications, appraisals or decisions. Lenders are the most common reason why property transactions do not close.
  • Smoother Transactions A property sales transaction involves many people, not just buyers, and sellers. Cash Buyers often have their own team assembled who can navigate the process faster and smoother than traditional transactions.
  • Certain Closing A Cash Buyer offers a seller a lower chance that a transaction will fall through. By removing many of the common pitfalls and dependency on third parties, Cash Buyers rarely cancel the transaction.
  • Non-Mortgage Friendly Properties Not all properties can be financed. Lenders will only lend on properties in suitable condition, a Cash Buyer makes their own guidelines about the condition. Properties that have major structural damage, mold, missing amenities or other conditions that make the property inhabitable, can still be sold to a Cash Buyer.
  • Flexible and Tailored Solutions Cash Buyers make their own rules. They can offer creative and flexible terms to the seller. A Cash Buyer might offer the seller a lease to stay in the home. They could be interested in seller financing and offer a higher sales price in exchange. A Cash Buyer could offer the seller a Reverse Mortgage option or Structured Finance Option.
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