Sunday, February 26, 2017

How Find Empty Land and Flip them for profit

Right now, the market is PRIME for flipping lots.

Not houses.

Empty lots (that houses can be built on).

And One can make $8,700 per lot that you FIND and pass off to investor.  to get paid $8700 per deal upfront 

You are NOT putting any of your own money into the deal.

You are NOT taking any risk.

A multi-millionaire real estate investor who does rehabs, builds new homes, and invests in properties all across the country. Investor is looking for empty lots to build on (and wholesale).

Investor has access to LOTS of cash for these deals right now, and is looking to go BIG while this is hot.

You see… the market cycle we’re in is PERFECT for flipping lots.


Deal can be from many state.
Every single state in the country is seeing home values go up.

This optimism, along with a nationwide shortage of housing, is driving up demand for new homes.

And in order to build new homes you need (you guessed it)… buildable lots!

Right now is time to grab up these lots while they’re cheap.

You can turn around and pass those deals off to the investor  and if they meet his simple criteria…

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