Friday, September 25, 2015

Working of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant with 3 Tips

3 Tips to Working With a Real Estate Virtual Assistant By Rebekah Zobel Jones

    For some, the world of Virtual Assistance can be confusing. If you have never worked with a Virtual Assistant before, you may be unsure just how this all works. You might be used to an assistant who comes in to the office every morning, makes the coffee, sorts the mail, answers phones, and generally makes herself useful in many ways. If you have a task that needs completing, you take a few steps from your office and hand it in to your assistant. If this is what you are used to, then welcome to the world of Real Estate Virtual Assistants! Working with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, or REVA, can be similar, but is always so much more rewarding. Here are three tips to keep in mind when starting a business relationship with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.
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1) Mentality
    The first thing to remember is that your Real Estate Virtual Assistant is an independent business owner and as such is much more of a colleague than an employee. She has a wealth of information and experience at her finger tips. Don't be afraid to ask questions and answer those she asks you. You may be surprised at the suggestions she offers!

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2) Communication
     Be sure to keep in contact with your Real Estate Virtual Assistant. She may ask that you to connect with her on a short phone call once a week. This is an ideal way to keep you both informed. These calls do not have to be very long, but are excellent ways to quickly touch base and go over the plans for the week. For regular communication, email is a preferred method - though fax and snail-mail also work in some instances. Be sure that no matter how your REVA contacts you, you respond in some way. If you keep open lines of communication between you and your Real Estate Virtual Assistant, you will be amazed at what takes place!

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3) Feedback

    This is so essential in any good working relationship. If you are pleased with what your Real Estate Virtual Assistant is doing, let her know! This encouragement can go a long way. By sincerely complimenting her on what she has produced for you, you are helping her recognize her value to you and make her more willing to tackle those difficult projects. The reverse is also true. If you are unhappy with what your REVA has done, let her know in a kindly way. Her desire is to produce work that you are happy with. Again, this is all part of keeping the lines of communication open. Make sure you are on the same page - feedback is vital to this relationship!

    While these tips may seem like common sense, putting them into practice can really boost your relationship with your Real Estate Virtual Assistant. By being free to ask questions & offer suggestions, both of you will enjoy greater success. Spend a few moments now listening to what your REVA is telling you. You will be thrilled at the results! And now I would like to invite you to claim your Free Instant Access to my mini-guide,

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