Monday, September 7, 2015

How To Enter In To The Winners Circle Of Real Estate Investing

How To Correctly Position Yourself In The Winners Circle Of Real Estate Investing By Tim Gorman

Image result for royalty free successful real estate business man imagesAny time you do some marketing, there's one main thing you have to achieve - to be there! Doesn't make sense? Well, it means that when someone is ready to take action, yours is the first ad they see, or the first name that pops into their head when they think about going ahead. It's the same in real estate investing. When someone is ready to sell their house, then you need to be the first person they think of. This is used all the time in the marketing world. After all, think about Coke and Pepsi - do you really think people still need to find out anything about their products? Or do they simply want to make sure they maintain 'top of mind' awareness in their potential customers?
Image result for royalty free successful real estate business man imagesThe good news is that if you're careful with your marketing, you can maintain a good presence in the local marketplace without spending a fortune. Make sure your name is on the bench at the bus stop every time they drive past. Put your ad in the program for local football or basketball games so they see it when they open up the program. Make sure they hear your radio ad when they're driving home from work. Don't be restricted to the obvious advertising mediums like television or radio, get creative and make sure your name's on anything you can find. Pens at the grocery store, a business card they pick up at the newsagent, and so on. Every time your name or logo gets in front of a prospect, it's an investment in your future.
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Unfortunately real estate investing has harbored more than a few shady characters over the years, which is why anyone who's considering talking to a real estate investor is going to want to feel sure they're legit. If you're well known in the community and familiar to many people, then they're less likely to think you'll give them a dud check or somehow avoid paying them. They'll feel confident that you'll do what's right and look after them. All you need to do is make sure they know how you are and help build that sense of trust, so that you're there when they're ready to sell.
What about a magnet on your car? Having polo shirts made up with your name and logo on them? Think of anything you can do to help make yourself look more credible, legit and businesslike. It can take some time and effort to break into real estate investing, but if you're persistent and clever with your marketing, you'll find it much easier to make a bundle of money.

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