Friday, April 30, 2010

Selling Your Home - FSBO - Get Thousands of Dollars of Free Advertising From Internet Directories By Leo J. Vidal

When you have your own home-for-sale website you are able to market your property extensively on the world wide web. One of the best ways to do that is on internet real estate directories.

For either no charge or minimal charge you are able to list properties on these directories which are available to property buyers within the entire United States, and sometimes the entire world.

How to Choose Internet Directories

The best idea is to look for directories that are real estate related. These will help get you the most traffic to your property website. Listing in a directory of electronics stores won't help you much.
You will also want to list your property in directories that have been around for quite a while and have a high "page rank" within Google's index. Google search results put high page rank sites first.

Is it a quality directory with standards and human editing, or is it machine generated? Human edited directories almost always rank higher in Google search results. You don't want to pay to be in a machine generated directory because it won't do you any good.

How does the real estate directory display the link to my home-for-sale website? Since traffic comes to your site by clicking on the link you put in the directory, you want the link to contain the right wording. Otherwise you will have people visiting your site who are not viable buyers. Not all directories allow you to choose your own wording for the link to your website.

There are many good where you will be able to list your property for sale. To save time you might want to consult with a real estate internet marketing firm and let them help you set up your directory listings properly.