Friday, April 30, 2010

FSBO - Selling Your House Now Using Good Marketing Methods and Seller Financing By Berwyn Kemp

To sell your house now using good marketing methods and seller financing the first thing you need to do is to create your marketing theme. What is a marketing theme? It is the creation and use of a good theme or headline that will be repeated in all of your marketing communications. The second part of that theme is already created which is the fact that you are offering your house for sale using seller financing which will vastly increase the number of prospective buyers you will have.

The first part of your theme or headline you will have to create yourself. You create your headline by taking the most telling feature of your house and describing it in word pictures. Is your house beautiful, cute, lovely, charming, cozy, or very nice? Whatever your house is most this is what you should lead your headline off with, something that will make your prospective buyers want to come home to.

Next, describe the most telling architectural feature of your house. Is your house a Split level, Victorian, Colonial, Bungalow, or Ranch? Whatever your house is this is what you will use in your headline. You should then include in your headline the fact that you are offering your house for sale with seller financing for example:
Lovely Colonial/Seller Financing. This would make a great headline if this is what your house is.
Now you need to add the various details about your house. For example, number of bedrooms, and bathrooms, cozy fire place, wooded lot, quite neighborhood, finished basement, new kitchen, two car garage, close to shopping, and so on. Once you have created your headline and added the details you are ready to

start marketing your property. Here are the steps to take:

1. Prepare all of your marketing communications or have them prepared for you using your headline and house details. These communications will include such things as classified ads, flyers, post cards, and yard signs. And if you are going to use the internet as you should you will also need good photographs which are a must.

2. Implement your marketing efforts by running your classified ads in the Sunday edition of your main daily newspaper, and weekly newspapers that focus on the area your house is located in. Also distribute your flyers in your area, put your house on the internet. And start mailing your post cards out and get that phone to ringing.

3. Set up a phone message center, with a good voice mail message, to handle all of the calls you will get. However, do not use your home phone or your regular cell phone for this. Instead get an inexpensive $30 cell phone and put this number in your marketing communications.

4. Effectively handle all of the calls that you will get but do not try to take these calls as they come in because this is disorganized and impossible. Instead you should set aside specific time where you will return all of your calls at once or twice a day depending on your call volume.

5. Arrange your house showing appointments with your prospective buyers, it is usually best to do this on Saturday and Sunday, and this is what most people expect since they are working during the week. Then show your house, negotiate the sale and close the transaction.

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