Thursday, August 10, 2017

What’s The Best Way to Contact These Landlords?

Direct Mailers:
Direct mailers are a great way to reach out to these absentee landlords. The data will include not only the subject property but the landlord’s mailing address as well.

There are many direct marketing companies who can assist you with the message and handle the mailing itself. Offer the landlord something unique in service or information to grab and keep their attention.

Social Media:
Social media is a great way to connect with an absentee landlord. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide the ability to search by name, location, and zip code.

Spending a little time on their profiles can provide you valuable information to help you make a more personal connection.

Phone Calls:
Phone numbers are easier to find than in the past. There are websites which can provide cell and landline numbers with just basic information. Many of these are free.

 If you are going to make a phone call, remember to offer something of value right away. Unsolicited phone calls can be unwelcomed, so get to the point quickly and have something of substance to tell them.

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