Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Seven Key Advantages of Real Estate Investing for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are accepting the fact that they need to diversify their investments. To them, real estate has become the alternative investment of choice. That means that it fits well as part of their portfolio because it is not as risky as other options such as stocks.

Benefits of Real Estate Investing
If you are still thinking whether real estate is the right investment option for you, then the following benefits can help you make up your mind.

Passive Income
After working very hard with your other investments, you can then turn to real estate because it is one of the renowned sources of passive income. Rental properties require very little attention, and once you settle all the bills, you remain with a substantial amount every month. With this income, you could even reinvest into more properties. Remember, this cash is more stable and predictable compared to other different types of businesses.

Property Appreciation
Even if you developed your property using a loan from a bank, its value will continuously rise while the remaining loan balance consistently goes down as you continue repaying. Although recessions do happen, rarely will the value of your property depreciate. In a few years, the property will be worth a lot more than what you paid for.

Tax Benefits
The government is also trying to encourage entrepreneurs to take up real estate investing through tax benefits. The steady income received from rental income is exempt from self-employment tax. You also get lower tax rates compared to other businesses.

Cushion against Inflation
You can never predict the future, and that is why real estate is a viable option for protecting yourself against inflation. Rental property owners actually look forward to inflation because it means that when prices of all commodities go up, their rental income will definitely go up too. In fact, real estate investing is the perfect hedge against inflation.

Access to More Credit
Financial institutions want to do business with people who already have a steady source of income and equity is some building. Therefore, the regular rental income from your property makes it possible for you to get even more credit from banks. With more credit lending doors at your disposal, you can go for even more property.

Build Equity
When you take a bank loan to complete a real estate project, you will definitely pay it back with some interest. However, as you go on paying, you are steadily bringing down the principal amount while generating more equity in the property. Other than juts building equity, this also helps you consolidate even more wealth.

Build an Heirloom
When you get old and weak, you can always leave your real estate to family members. It is a secure way of ensuring that your family’s needs are catered for even in your demise. What makes this investment even better than an insurance policy is that it will always continue to generate income and profits for the family.

When you want to diversify your investment portfolio, then you really do not have to think much. Real estate will guarantee you these benefits while keeping your investment safe. 

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